Hello world. We are Bundle Group, a tight knit association of skilled & experienced professional gamers. We make events and experiences come to life inside Minecraft and online space. Watch this space!

From humble beginnings, to a global organization.

mid 2021

Expedition Isles is started...

Expedition Isles started out as a small project between 3 delinquent friends, fresh off the closing of another Minecraft project they were apart of. By chance, the group came together to create one of the biggest ideas they had yet. Expedition Isles was born.

The project started with just 10 people, eventually growing to over 100 members. Work started on the project in mid 2021, creating the spawn islands which is what is publicly shown today.

But before the project could be released, the team needed to gather more experience in the Minecraft community. So, the team decided to link up with popular Minecraft Themepark Community organization, Coasters & Crafters, to create their annual event Coaster Con 2022

Expedition Isles Aquifier
Expedition Isles Aquifier
late 2021

Expedition Isles teams up with Coasters & Crafters

At the sight of Coaster Con 2021, the team was inclined to step in and help towards what will be our first solo project. We marketed Coaster Con 2022 as a trial to our team, to test how we worked together and who we work with. We were able to create a great relationship with the Coasters & Crafters team, and we were able to create a great event for the community at the same time.

The technologies tested and used at Coaster Con 2022 were cutting edge. We'll make use of these features in our future projects here at Bundle, as well as bringing Coaster Con into a global event with outstanding quality and content.

As apart of these many technologies, this was one of the first times our media and live stream department were truly able to put into practice their outstanding quality and skill, with professional animations, media creations and live stream production that made the event an astounding success. As a result of this, we're able to extend our portfolio more into live online events.

early 2022

Work starts on Coaster Con 2022

We started work super early to make sure we had this event ready for the community, constructing the event from the ground up and turning it into a venetian masterpiece. We opened the event to the public on September 3rd, 2022, and it was a huge success.

Expedition Isles Aquifier
Expedition Isles Aquifier
late 2022

Bundle Group is formed

After Coaster Con, we needed a place to put all our projects, since currently we had everything under Expedition Isles. Bundle Group is a way to show off our skill and ability and have it organized into one organization.

mid 2023

Work starts on Coaster Con 2023

After a long slumber, we started work on the final map rebuild of Coaster Con; the Coaster Con Island. Our ambitions were big and our sights were set even higher. We wanted to create a map that would capture the guests attention and make them want to explore the island.

Expedition Isles Aquifier
Coaster Con Entrance
late 2023

Coaster Con 2023 is a huge success

Coaster Con 2023 was one of our best events yet, with over 3000 guests attending the event and over 1000 watching the live stream. We were able to create a map that was not only beautiful, but also functional and fun to explore.

early 2024

What's next?

We're currently working on several projects, including Project New Tomorrow, Coaster Con 2024, and many more. We're excited to see what the future holds for Bundle Group, and we're excited to see what we can create next.

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