Hello world. We are Bundle Group, a tight knit association of skilled & experienced professional gamers. We make events and experiences come to life inside Minecraft and online space. Watch this space!

What we've been up to...

We have a serious amount of experience.

Our 6 Project Commandments

These are the moral rules we stick by when creating any project, these set of commandments help shape the gob-stopping projects we curate and create.


Thou shalt build with the client's vision in mind: Their world, their rules. Prioritize understanding their dreams and translating them into pixelated perfection, not your own creative whims.


Thou shalt not break the sacred blocks: Respect the established lore and mechanics of Minecraft. Innovation is encouraged, but not at the cost of immersion or consistency.


Thou shalt optimize for all realms: From humble laptops to beefy rigs, ensure your creations run smoothly across a spectrum of hardware. No one wants a choppy castle.


Thou shalt embrace collaboration: Teamwork makes the server dream work. Foster open communication with clients and fellow developers, bouncing ideas and tackling challenges together.


Thou shalt debug with diligence: Glitches are gremlins. Hunt them down with fervor, squashing bugs and polishing performance until your builds shine.


Thou shalt remember the joy of the craft: Never lose sight of the magic of Minecraft. Infuse your work with passion, playfulness, and a touch of wonder. After all, you're not just building blocks, you're building memories.